Friday, September 22, 2006

Law of Demeter

Few days ago, we had our User Group Session at Microsoft House, London and there one of our friend Ian Cooper presented 10 OOP practices, and he introduced us Law of Demeter, the term was new to me but it says true things about Object Oriented Programming,

The principle says:

The Law of Demeter for functions requires that any method M of an object O may only invoke the methods of the following kinds of objects:

  1. itself
  2. its parameters
  3. any objects it creates/instantiates
  4. its direct component objects
which is ofcourse a good have a look n keep rocking..

Developer Highway Code

Yesterday i attended a session on Building Secure Applications at Microsoft House,London and the presenter pointed to a nice Security Handbook which should be on every developer desk to build secure applications. Enjoy!

Visual Studio 2005 SDK - September 2006 Finally Arrived

Here is what they says about it

"The September 2006 v3 RTM is the next milestone in the VS 2005 SDK. The v3 release contains the final release of the DSL Tools v1, contents and samples for Team Foundation Server and Team Test extensibility, IronPython website and web project samples, 5 new Visual Studio PowerToys, managed parser & lexer generator tools (MPPG/MPLEX), updated documentation and many more IDE integration samples. Note that the VSTA runtimes and documentation are still in pre-release form and they are not included in this release. This release of the SDK also includes important changes to the end user license agreement regarding platform targeting restrictions; please refer to the EULA shown in the VS SDK Setup for more details."

I hope it'll have better documentation and integration samples this time..

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Online notepad

I'm using Onenote as my local notepad, but i wanted something online as well in order to log notes even when i'm away from my lapy. So i found one very good tool called backpackit.. the basic account has got everything i its all set now..

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Team Foundation Eventing Service good and bad

Microsoft people have tried their best to make Team F Create oundation Server customizable and extendible, well as far as customization is concern you can say its almost fully customizable but not still its quite far from fully extendible. Like in my case i have used Team Foundation eventing service in order to do some custom work item generation etc. but when it comes to validation there’s no easy way to do so. In fact there’s no way I can get pre-event notifications, anyway I’m still looking and trying to find someway and it seems threes no updates coming from Microsoft even I don’t see it in the next version.. So I’ll have to do some work around.. Will post here soon..

Visual Studio 2005 SDK V3

I'm still waiting for Visual Studio 2005 SDK, alhtough it was expected to release in the month of August but still no news from Microsoft. if somebody got some info please share..

Team Foundation Service Pack Beta

Hopefully this month we'll have MS Team Foundation Server Service Pack Beta release, it has some cool stuff plus lots of fixing as well, lets watch out.. the coolest thing that i'm waiting for is hosting of custom controls in workitems, bingo! now we can show any number of fields and data from any data source.. Team System Rocks..

I'm back, have some free time now..

I'm back, after a long busy schedule i hope now i can find some time to continue blogging. And this time it'll be mainly on MS Team System.