Monday, October 30, 2006

Officially announced TFS SP1 features

Following are the officially announced features of Team Foundation Server Service Pack 1

- Custom Control hosting in WorkItem
- Separate Analysis Server installation
- Performance Enhancements
- Bug fixing
- TFS accessibility from normal internet instead of just over VPN

looks good but i was expecting more features.

Team Foundation Present and Future

Finally i asked one of TFS Product Manager regarding happenings at Microsoft under TFS Flag, well truly speaking it disappointed me as most of the things i need today it'll take more than a year to come, in fact i'll say 2 years as most of the things in the coming release Orcas are finalized and my required features are not part of orcas and its already expected to release in 2nd half of the next year so forget mates :( Following are the features Microsoft is working on in upcoming releases of Team Foundation

- WorkItem workflow/hierarchy
- Tight integration with MS Project
- Test Plan and Test Case management
- Custom and default properties for Team Projects
- Share point 2007 integration
- WorkItem restricted access
- Process template improvement

Hard luck.. things will be too complicated for me now.. as my company badly needs majority of the features mentioned above..

Hunt for medium range Digital Camera

These days i'm searching for medium range digital camera, well i'm doing it since last few days and things getting narrowed down now :) . I'll be choosing among Sony CyberShot DSC-W70 and Canon PowerShot IXUS 65, both are almost identical in features but sony has slight edge coz of less price and more megapixel. Lets see which one will be mine :)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Google's Personalised Home Rocks..

I'm using Google Personal Home since last 2 years and its been great.. but today i saw a brand new feature thats really awesome, it allows you to add tabs to your home page and give them a name as you like and thats it start categorizing your gadgets. Great!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

patterns & practices Guidance Explorer

Excellent stuff, no need to search in your old projects for referencing.. even you can do lot more than that..

Google Code Search has given lots of flashlights to people interested in exploring dark corners

oh good stuff.. especially i like one marketing job.. :)

Hackers find use for Google Code Search

See these days every new technology is creating space for another technology to come, isnt'it a business :)

Laser Powered Flat Screen TV

Oh man, a great news.. this is good i'm delaying my next TV purchase.. who knows it could be Laser TV ;)