Monday, October 30, 2006

Team Foundation Present and Future

Finally i asked one of TFS Product Manager regarding happenings at Microsoft under TFS Flag, well truly speaking it disappointed me as most of the things i need today it'll take more than a year to come, in fact i'll say 2 years as most of the things in the coming release Orcas are finalized and my required features are not part of orcas and its already expected to release in 2nd half of the next year so forget mates :( Following are the features Microsoft is working on in upcoming releases of Team Foundation

- WorkItem workflow/hierarchy
- Tight integration with MS Project
- Test Plan and Test Case management
- Custom and default properties for Team Projects
- Share point 2007 integration
- WorkItem restricted access
- Process template improvement

Hard luck.. things will be too complicated for me now.. as my company badly needs majority of the features mentioned above..