Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS)

I know its been around a month I'm away from blogging and today my post is all about the reason for that. I've been assigned to new project in one of the major bank in UK. Here we go,
As we all know in big organizations like banks there are so many disparate systems out there and every system have their own way of keeping User Information like credentials, profile etc. So big organization like banks its a nasty process to add, update or remove a user from all of the systems, here MIIS comes into the picture. It sits in the middle and get connected with all of the systems and does sync of user information among all systems, so you dont have to worry about updating all the systems, just update one and relevant information will be synchronized with other systems as well saving your time and money. The version (2003) I'm using is the latest one though its quite old now. Microsoft has just announced the beta version of new server called Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Management (MS ILM). Anyway, will keep posting some technical details as well.