Friday, June 08, 2007

Entered in to the world of portable music, podcasts blah blah

At last I convinced myself to start using genuine MP3 player as I’ve started commuting for around 2 hours everyday, so I thought why not to get something which can play some nice music and of course podcasts as well. As usual did some thorough research and under my budget got settled on Sony NW-A1200 with Senehizer CX-300 headphones. It's a nice looking 8GB portable device and sounds really awesome. Anyway the most good things I like about this device, it helps me in organizing all of my music via SonicStage software (not that good), allowing to play podcasts etc. It perfectly suites my requirements as I’ve got around 10GB of songs and after doing little filtration it's been reduced to 8 GB, so now all of my songs are few clicks away. But I must say listening to podcasting is a great way to utilize your time.