Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My hands on Windows Vista

At last I’ve installed Windows Vista Ultimate Edition RTM, so here’s my first impression after playing few hours on it (its more than 1 at night.. so writing in hurry)

My notebook
Intel Core Duo 1.86 GHz
1 GB Ram
100 GB HDD
Intel Graphics Card (shared memory)

- It took more than two hours to upgrade from WinXP to WinVista (isn’t it slow)
- It took 6GB of more space after installation (isn’t it too much)

Programs Compatibility
Lots of previously installed software stopped working including
Nero, Norton, Acronis, Bluetooth etc

- If you don’t run any software it takes more then 500mb of memory all the time
- My PC becomes slow in running few software but overall performance of windows is ok
- In fact I was not able to uninstall Norton Antivirus, it gets hang every time
- Overall software install/uninstall is quite slow

New Features
- Major stuff is UI enhancements nothing else (like Glass, Flip etc)
- Overall ease of use is introduced everywhere
- Windows Transfer Utility, Network Properties, Games are good
- Still lots of windows applications are old
- I didn’t found any major stuff except some cool UI features

I didn’t found any major stuff in windows Vista especially if you see its release after 5 years of WinXP. Its nothing just an enhanced/improved version of WinXp although i just played few hours on it but still i don’t think so there’s some major feature or you can say major architectural change.. like still i found programs can get hang and destabilize the windows and you have to do same end task, I hate it! I won’t be using it for at least another 3-4 months or so and will back to winxp, as it'll take time to have availability of windows vista compatible software, moreover it needs more memory and hdd space which I cant spare at the moment J