Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Real Vista experience

Well today i explored some unique features of windows vista and after that its getting some respect out of me ;)

Bit Locker
It gives extra protection to your PC by protecting your information even if ur PC got stolen, it does it by keeping encryption key on some external device like usb, active directory etc.. which is required to boot your PC but this feature also requires some especial hardware support

Tags (Meta data)
A good feature just like blog tagging.. but the bad thing is it doesn't support all file types like TXT files are not supported

Encrypting Files (EFS)
Provides encryption/decryption on your normal files

Speech Recognition
voice dictation and commands support

Windows Backup and Restore
Looks like an excellent backup and restore operation which can take file backups and whole windows/partition backup..a much needed feature

A new way of temporary blocking your PC something in the middle of standby and hibernate.. it takes only 4-5 sec to sleep and resume

Previous Versions
No need to worry if you delete your files accidentally or intentionally.. windows keeps previous versions and you can easily restore your deleted files..

I'll play few more days on vista.. but will install it again after January next year..